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3Doodler shows new themed project kits at Toy Fair


Maxell Bogue at 3Doodler's Toy Fair booth

3Doodler had five themed project kits last year, but "they all completely sold out," said co-founder/CEO Maxell Bogue at last month's Toy Fair. "So we added five more to the line this year."

Specifically, they are the 3Doodler Start Robotics Pen Set, which enables kids to engineer their own moving robots in 3D; 3Doodler Start Architecture Pen Set, featuring illuminating wire and the new DoodleSheets (square sheets of plastic that work with 3Doodler's biodegradable Eco-Plastic to enlarge, strengthen and speed up construction projects); 3Doodler Start Product Design Pen Set, which includes a watch face and can be used to create customized clocks, wrist watches, smartphone cases and mini boomboxes; 3Doodler Start The Powerpuff Girls Pen Set & Activity Kit, styled around the PowerPuff Yourself online concept and allowing kids to create their own Powerpuff characters; and another big licensing entry in 3Doodler Create Star Trek Pen Set, from which adults can build Star Trek-related worlds and create their life forms and civilizations with a Star Trek engraved pen.

Additionally, the company has launched the 3Doodler Create Project Kit series, consisting of five unique kits--Tiffany Candle, Festive/Party kit, Flowers/ Roses, Tuk-Tuk and the licensed architectural Farnsworth House Project Kit developed in collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Designed by technology company Wobbleworks, Inc., 3Doodler offers a range of 3D printing pens for ages eight and above, using Eco-Plastic for freestyle 3D sketching, tracing shapes from templates or making larger architectural structures. A finalist for the Toy Industry Association's Toy of the Year award in the Rookie category, it has won Good Housekeeping’s 2016 Best Toy Award, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, National Parenting Product Award, and Scholastic Parent & Child Gold Star Toy Award, among other citations.



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