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Singer-songwriter Jane Siberry shares her knowledge in 'Superhero' webinars

Jane Siberry

Jane Siberry, Superhero

Canadian singer-songwriter Jane Siberry, whose singular career has spanned major labels, indie labels and her own do-it-yourself projects, is sharing her unique insights in music and life by way of two "Five Simple Ways to Operate From Your Inner Superhero" free live webinars.

The hour-long webinars are set for today at 1 p.m. (ET) and tomorrow at 8 p.m. and are open to musicians and artists "and all who are curious!" says Siberry, who will offer tips on songwriting, singing, recording, touring and business. She'll also divulge innovative ways of handling the challenges and blocks that can frustrate an artist, as well as how to overcome them in discovering one's own "brilliant superhero lurking inside."

"The premise is that everything comes from within," says Siberry. "It's not about me telling anyone how to be a superhero, but how we can access our own superhero."

Webinar attendees have been signing up at Siberry's website to such a degree that she hopes the digital platform can hold them all. She notes that the format will allow viewers to chat and type in questions on the side of the screen.

Those who sign up but can't attend the seminar live will be given a free replay link to watch it later. Siberry is also offering a more educational Superhero 101 class next week to further her webinar curriculum—for a fee—if enough attendees are interested and sign up for it.

"It's a free webinar, but at the end, if people want to take a class offering, Superhero 101 deals with recording, performing and songwriting—three classes on what I've learned in my career. But it's also not about outer success but inner success."

Siberry, as fans of her music know, does a lot of multi-directional thinking. The "focal point" of her class curriculum, she says, is binding those diverse thoughts together as they pertain to touring.

"Sometimes you have to take fewer gigs or give promoters their money back," she says, by way of example. "It's the only way to make a point: If they won't let go of seeing musicians as second-class citizens, it's the only recourse so that you feel great about yourself and sleep at night—otherwise it makes you bitter and closed down."

Her webinars, then, will promote "win-win solutions," she says, adding, in vintage Siberry fashion, that they will be "the same, but different."

As for her concept of "superhero," Siberry regards the superhero character simply as "making more daily decisions from your inner wisdom. This includes things like if you're stomach feels weird selling CDs onstage, then just stop because there's a very particular reason why you don’t' feel comfortable: It lowers your vibration. I'm not saying it's bad, but to reset closer to your gut feelings."

Siberry fans also know that she has three songs about superheroes—and another that mentions them. But she distinguishes the superheroes that she identifies with as "not wearing fancy hats and capes but working quietly—and they like it like that. They're people—and I see so many of them—who are doing super things quietly. The songs are my tribute to them."

And while she loves the idea of the hit movie Wonder Woman, she notes that her ideal superhero does not reflect "competition or judgement, but is a human example of what musicians call 'harmony.'"

Looking ahead, Siberry's not sure where her webinars will lead, but "I'm having fun," she says.

"It's time to share my knowledge. I have a lot of really lovely musician friends and want to grab them and make sure they know some of the things I know!"

Those interested in participating in Siberry's "Superhero" seminars can sign up at her website. Meanwhile, two tracks from her acclaimed current Angels Bend Closer album, "Everything You Knew as a Child" and "Anytime," have been released as singles.



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