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VICI Brands introduces Baghera cars at NY NOW

VICI Enterprises

VICI Brands booth at NY NOW

New York-based design toy distributor VICI Brands introduced a new line of ride-on and pedal cars at last month’s NY NOW trade show at the Javits Center.

The cars are made by French manufacturer Baghera, which has been designing pedal cars and other products for toddlers since its inception in 1999.

“They’re low to the ground so kids can’t fall out,” said VICI president Deepa Dadlani, and according to Baghera, its pedal cars—which include retro-style classic cars, racers and fire engines—are all-metal and stable, with adjustable pedals and seats to adapt to a child’s growth pattern.

Baghera’s ride-ons, which include racers, speedsters and classic brands like Bentley and Peugot, likewise accommodate a child’s growth from 12 months up through full independence.



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