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Trumpzilla comes to NY NOW by way of Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Unemployed Philosophers Guild

New product at the Unemployed Philosophers Guild booth at NY NOW

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild scored big with novelty Trump merchandise at last summer’s NY NOW home/lifestyle/gift market trade show at New York’s Javits Center (the standout item might well have been the Best Comrades Trump and Putin finger puppet set, though it was rivaled by the Best Hombres Trump and Putin magnetic playset), and they followed up big at this week’s winter NY NOW with choice additions to the supplier’s dedicated product category.

By far the coolest is the forthcoming (in May) Trumpzilla wind-up monster toy that walks and spits sparks, not to mention “smashes trade deals...crashes climate deals...[and] steps on allies!” Indeed, Trumpzilla is said not to stop for anything “besides golf!”

And then there’s Impeachmint Lip Balm, for those “uncomfortable” times when “your smile [is] tight and painful” and your lips “purse and pucker—even in front of cameras.”

As the Guild says, “More and more people are asking for the welcome relief of Impeachmint.” The product, which should be applied “liberally,” joins the previously introduced Impeachmints, which like the companion National Embarrassmints, are packaged in tiny mint tins.

Also on the presidential tip, the Guild has added Abraham Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt to its Secular Saints collection of unscented votive candles, where portraits of historic figures (also including the likes of John Lennon, William Shakespeare and Billie Holiday) appear on the front of the votive, the back showing their patronage (Lincoln is “Patron Saint of Reunions and Rail Splitters”), saint’s day, and a unique prayer to inspire and enlighten. Also new to the line is Harriet Tubman.

Meanwhile, times being what they are, the catalog item Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug, which depicts the Bill of Rights—which disappear every time hot liquid is poured into the mug (except for the right to bear arms)—is selling better than ever.



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