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AlterEgo focused on Finders Keypers at Toy Fair

Finders Keypers

Alter Ego's Finders Keypers display at Toy Fair

AlterEgo played up its new Finders Keypers line of personal storage units at last month’s Toy Fair at New York’s Javits Center.

The supplier of licensed (DC Comics, Disney, Hasbro, Marvel Comics) merchandise including decals, glitter decals, keychains, flashlight keychains, bumper stickers and license plate frames showed the Finders Keypers already available (DC Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, DC Suicide Squad Joker, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Groot and Spider-Man) while offering a glimpse of forthcoming Finders Keypers releases (Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Zero, DeadPool and a Disney Belle and Beast Mini Finder Keyper).

As the name suggests, Finders Keypers are approximately 10 x 4-inch table or desktop home or office caddies for personal items--primarily keys—featuring 10-inch plastic statues guarding the valuables. Using the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Zero Finders Keyper as an example, they feature a removable keychain that nests in the base, that’s strong enough to hold several pounds of keys and has been tested to withstand breakage and cracks.

“We’re bringing a love of pop culture and collectibles to a personal home caddy,” said AlterEgo president/CEO Rick Starr.

The Finders Keypers also hold spare change, he added, and are otherwise great decorative pieces.

Forthcoming models, meanwhile, will have more functionality. There will be a slot that can hold a cell phone or business cards, and the keychain will be attached to the base magnetically. Additionally, a removable post can be inserted into the base to hold sunglasses, jewelry, headphones or other sundry items.



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