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Wexel Art launches scarf frames at NY NOW

Wexel Art

Morgan Doherty demonstrating Wexel Art's new scarf frame at NY NOW

Wexel Art introduced its new scarf frame last week at the summer NY NOW home/lifestyle/gift market trade show at New York’s Javits Center.

“We were getting a call a week asking for scarf frames,” said the company’s Morgan Doherty after demonstrating her custom-made, “ready to go” scarf frame’s easy installation. “There’s a trend toward displaying scarves and certain textiles as art.”

Wexel Art’s new item, like the other offerings from the Austin-based designer/manufacturer of acrylic frames, is in the double-panel mode of its “floating” wall frame. The 40 x 40-inch frame holds the standard-sized 36 x 36-inch scarf in much the same manner of embedding an artwork in between two acrylic panes in such a way that the scarf can easily and quickly be removed for wearing--and replaced at the same time by another one in the owner’s collection.

“I can’t wait to hang mine!” said Doherty, who did hang a Hermes Paris Jaguar Quezal scarf during her demonstration.

She noted that the high fashion Hermes Paris scarves are “investment pieces” that women have been collecting for a century.

“It’s like looking at an art gallery,” Doherty continued. She noted how she herself collects scarves.

“The colors, patterns, label--I get something unique when I travel: You don’t want the same thing that someone else has, and they’re easy to roll up and stick in your backpack, or buy as gifts. And sometimes they even keep you warm on a chilly night!”

And with Wexel Art’s new scarf frame, it’s easy to “hang once, add art, change often,” to borrow a company promotional slogan.

“My favorite thing about it is that I could wear a scarf tonight and put it back up on the wall in the morning,” concluded Doherty.

Wexel Art Intro



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