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  • Writer's pictureJim Bessman

Bluegrass player Dave Bruzza broke down on stage at news of Cubs win

Dave Bruzza, guitarist/vocalist for the Kalamazoo, Mich. bluegrass quintet Greensky Bluegrass, was deeply affected by last night’s dramatic Chicago Cubs win in Game Seven of the World Series.

Hearing the news, the lifelong Cubs fan wept uncontrollably onstage during the band’s sold-out gig at Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, Calif., upon which he and his bandmates broke into the late Steve Goodman’s Cubs anthem “Go, Cubs, Go.”

"I didn't know it, but when I was young I was chosen to be a Cubs fan," Bruzza related by way of an unusually touching and eloquent press release.

"My family had season tickets from the ‘80s to the late ‘90s. I spent a great deal of time growing up at Wrigley Field. I learned valuable lessons at all those games: heartbreak, passion, unconditional love, respect, history, and most of all, loyalty. Never once would my father leave a game early. In fact, we would go in early to take it all in and leave late after the game to feel what thousands have believed in and cheered for all of these years.”

Bruzza continued: "Last night I felt like so many others something that generations have never seen or felt--the Cubs winning the World Series. Not just winning, but being a part of, in my opinion, the best World Series ever played by two teams. My heart goes out to Cleveland, but this was our turn. They will get theirs soon, and know and feel the same way I do today. As my grandfather would always say to me when I left for the game, 'Bring home a winner!'"

He concluded: "I can't believe they finally brought home the biggest win of all time. I wish my grandfather was here to see it, but I know somewhere he was drinking an Old Style and smiling down with tears of joy with the rest of our family. Go, Cubs, go!"



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