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Dan Holzman delivers new RingDama skill toy at Toy Fair


Jake Wiens, left, and Dan Holzman

Legendary professional juggler Dan Holzman was at the Toy Industry Association's 114th North American International Toy Fair, which closed Tuesday at the Javits Center, demonstrating his new RingDama ball-and-cup game.

As its name suggests, the RingDama is a skill toy crossing a kendama with a yo-yo via an adjustable finger loop strap.

"The cup and ball slip onto your middle finger, either on the top, or the way I like it, facing down, or inside your hand," said professional kendama player Jake Wiens, who also demonstrated the RingDama at the Kendama USA booth.

"That way allows for advanced play, and is an easy way for kids to learn because it's like catching the ball in your hand."

Wiens noted that the RingDama's unique notched cup design allows catching the ball sideways in any of the four notches of the cup's platform, as well as in the cup itself.

As for Holzman, he said that his own RingDama playing style is "more like tai chi," and he did indeed show off flowing martial arts movements while casting and catching the RingDama ball.

Holzman also revealed that a new light-up RingDama version with LED lights is in the works.



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