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Factory Entertainment brought the Batcave to the cavernous Toy Fair exhibition hall


Factory Entertainment's Batcave display at Toy Fair

Factory Entertainment president Jordan Schwartz could only laugh as he pointed to the seven-foot Pawzplay Bruce figure last month towering over his company's Toy Fair exhibition hall booth. Created to herald Factory's summer release of cute plush kittens and puppies dressed as DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, it was specially made for the trade show as an attention-getting display piece—and was immediately overshadowed by a nearby competitor's 15-foot promotional figure.

But none of Schwartz's competitors in the high-quality licensed toys, collectibles and household goods game could top his forthcoming Batcave desktop sculpture—a 500-count limited edition release coming out in the third quarter at a $699.99 pricepoint.

The beautifully detailed piece is indeed a dream collectible for fans of the mid-1960s Batman TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin respectively. Among the key features are the "atomic pile" reactor, a working turntable for the Batmobile, Batpoles, lighting, and a plug that slots in to the cave to hide the Batmobile entrance/exit off-road opening.

"There's even a tunnel in the back," said Factory sales director Jim Wampler, noting how "in reality, it led to the Fox [20th Century Fox Television] print shop!"

Factory's Batcave, added, Wampler, will come with a fact-filled booklet. The company, meanwhile, has other Batman items including a plush Batman SWAT Batarang, though it's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie-related.

And it turns out that Schwartz—and Factory—might have the last laugh regarding that seven-foot Pawzplay Bruce.

"It was intended to just be a display piece to draw attention to our booth," said Schwartz. "However, based on customer feedback, we're now looking at the possibility of actually making it as a production product!"



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