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Thunder Bay expands its adult coloring and dot-to-dot books via Gil Elvgren pin-ups

Gil Elvgren

Thunder Bay Press's Gil Elvgren adult coloring and dot-to-dot product

Thunder Bay Press took its adult coloring and dot-to-dot book product up a notch at last month's Toy Fair, introducing a title in both lines from famed American pin-up artist Gil Elvgren, whose artwork gloriously adorned everything from World War II military aircraft to Coca-Cola ads.

Both Ultimate Coloring Classic Pinups by Gil Elvgren and 1001 Dot-to-Dot Classic Pinups by Gil Elvgren books feature over 40 of Elvgren’s famous images, with the latter title allowing easy removal of the pages for display when finished.

The classic artwork of Elvgren, who died in 1980, appeared in billboard, poster and magazine illustrations. But he remains best known for his pin-up art, much of which was featured on Brown & Bigelow calendars. He used live models and photography as the basis for his paintings, so what became known as "the Elvgren Girl" was sweet, pretty, charming and real.

Elvgren has long since become one of the most loved and respected artists among pin-up collectors and fans.

"We have licenses like Marvel and Star Wars—and were looking for something a little different to expand the line," said Rachel Geerlings, marketing manager for Printers Row Publishing Group—of which Thunder bay is an imprint.

Via the Elvgren titles at Toy Fair, at least, the expansion seemed to be working.

"People have been coming over and saying, 'I have some of his original prints!'" said Geerlings.



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