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Barron's brings topical 'Children in Our World' series to BookExpo


Barron's "Children in Our World" series

Educational book publisher Barron's Educational Series showed the first two titles, due in August, of its hardcover "Children in Our World" juvenile non-fiction book series—Poverty and Hunger and Refugees and Migrants—at last week's BookExpo at New York's Javits Center.

As the titles indicate, the series addresses the serious issues and crises in the world today, using text and illustrations that are understandable for the 6-10 target age group.

Poverty and Hunger is by prolific author Louise Spilsbury. Refugees and Migrants is by writer/lecturer/editor Ceri Roberts. Both books feature artwork by award-winning illustrator Hanane Kai.

"These books fill a need, and bookstores want to get them," said Barron's marketing/publicity manager Eric Lowenhar, and national sales manager Jeff Goldman backed him up.

"The response from retailers is that there's nothing really out there that deals with these subjects on this level," said Goldman. "It's something that they want to get behind: Retailers are looking for something new that deals with such subject matter because its so topical and timely, with kids asking what refugees are, and immigrants."

The "Children in Our World" books are "easy-reading, very learning-based, and just facts—no opinions or commentary," added Goldman.

And they appeal to those indie stores and big chains "who say it's not only their job to sell to children and parents, but inform and educate their customers," noted Lowenhar.

Two more "Children in Our World" titles, Global Conflicts and Racism and Intolerance, are due in February, 2018. The covers of the four books in the series, when correctly arranged, form a complete illustration of the world and its troubled inhabitants.



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