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Unemployed Philosophers Guild ponders new Trump product at NY NOW

Trump merchandise

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Trump merchandise at NY NOW

Twenty-four hour news being what it is, novelty gift supplier The Unemployed Philosophers Guild had a timely range of eye-catching and up-to-the-minute Trump merchandise on display at the NY NOW trade show this week at the Javits Center.

The standout item might well have been the Best Comrades Trump and Putin finger puppet set, though it was rivaled by the Best Hombres Trump and Putin magnetic playset. These, in turn, were in stiff competition with Trump’s Executive Orders sticky notes, and Trump’s Small Hand Soap--packaged, of course, in a tiny box.

In tiny containers, too, were the Impeachmints and the National Embarrasmints, both in little Trump tins. And in the frightening event that the Impeachmints and all else fails, The Unemployed Philosophers Guild had one last functional offering of dire necessity: Canada Passport notebooks.



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