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Watchitude a slaphappy exhibitor at Play Fair


Watchitude's Slap Watch booth at Play Fair

As the name suggests, Watchitude wristwatches, at a time when cell phones have often replaced watches as timepieces, combine a watch with attitude, specifically, an attitude expressed by kids ages four-to 12. As evidenced by the supplier's Slap Watch line—displayed last weekend at the Play Fair toy and pop culture event at the Javits Center—the watches’ attitude is colorful and fun, a result of durable high-gloss finishing of printed imagery on a thick, easy-to-wear slap band of white silicone.

“They’re far more reliable than cell phones,” maintained Watchitude’s Ravi Yande at his Play Fair display booth.

“Cellphones can break, or lose their charge. And Slap Watches are less expensive--$20—than cell phones, which are now going for $600 and more.”

But mainly, Slap Watches, which “slap” on without the need for small kid-unfriendly watch band buckles, are fun, said Yande.

Notes Yande: “We get a lot of feedback from kids, parents and grandparents that it’s fun to tell the time--and that it’s an activity for the whole family that they just don’t get with phones.”

Itself a year-and-a-half old, Watchitude currently offers 100 colorful designs and patterns, examples including “Frosted Donuts,” “Sprinkle Dots,” “B-ball” and “Pink Camo.” All are limited edition and collectible, with styles being continuously updated and extended.

And as watch faces slide off the bands, the bands can be switched or swapped.

Additionally, Watchitude has licenses with YouTube/Nickelodeon personality Jojo Siwa, lifestyle brand tokidoki and Pez. There’s also a larger, grownup version of Slap Watches—Snap Watches.



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