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Mezco brings out 'Clockwork Orange' Alex figures at Toy Fair

A Clockwork Orange

Mezco's "Clockwork Orange" figure at Toy Fair

Mezco Toyz unveiled A Clockwork Orange figures at last month's Toy Fair, namely various configurations of sociopath lead character Alex DeLarge, leader of the ultra-violent Droogs gang in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film version of the futuristic Anthony Burgess novel.

The figures are based on the likeness of Malcolm McDowell, who indelibly embodied Alex in the movie.

“There’s been a huge demand for Clockwork Orange figures,” said Mezco’s director of special projects Mike Drake.

“Alex has become an iconic character: Bart dressed like him in one of The Simpsons’ ’Treehouse of Horror’ episodes, and there have been quite a few references to him in movies.”

But until now, said Drake, Clockwork Orange product has never been available officially in the U.S.

At Toy Fair, Mezco showed its Alex entry in its One: 12 Collective line. The figure features three unique head portraits, seven interchangeable hands, Alex’s all-white cloth outfit, bowler hat, eyeball cufflinks, elastic suspenders and “film-accurate” codpiece, with accessories including his cane (with hidden dagger) and glass of milk.

Alex is similarly presented in the company’s super-deformed Stylized Figures line, which greatly exaggerates head size. Hence his signature smirk is more prominent.

There’s also an Alex addition to the Living Dead Dolls line and a 12-inch plush Alex figure.



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