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Schoenhut shows affordable digital toy pianos at Toy Fair


Schoenhut's black 30 Key Digital Baby Grand Piano and other toy piano product at Toy Fair

Schoenhut Piano Company continues to expand its toy piano catalog with digital toy keyboard entries, as evidenced by a pair of additions to its New Tech Learning line prominently displayed at last month’s Toy Fair.

“The cool thing about them is that they teach kids fingering without them knowing it!” said Leonard Trinka, who owns Schoenhut with his wife Renee, as he placed an iPad against the music rack of the black 30 Key Digital Baby Grand Piano. Kids are thereby able to program fun learning games and apps via iPads and tablets.

Also shown was the new white 25 Key Digital Table Top Piano.

But another cool thing about the new digital toy piano entries is pricing, particulary the 30 Key Digital Baby Grand.

“It’s $79.95 wholesale, so it’s affordable,” said Trinka.



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