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Lisa Loeb Eyewear plays up designer's Grammy at Vision Expo

Lisa Loeb

Classique's booth at Vision Expo

Lisa Loeb missed a show due to illness...and she won’t be able to make it up until next year!

That’s because the show was two weeks ago at New York’s annual Vision Expo trade show, where the recent Grammy winner (Best Children’s Album for Feel What U Feel) was slated to make a brief meet-and-greet/fitting/selfie session stop at the Classique Eyewear exhibitor’s booth--where a huge poster of Loeb holding her Grammy accompanied the latest entries in her Lisa Loeb Eyewear line, on display with Classique’s other brands.

As ever, Loeb's new frames are inspired by her signature cat-eye look and bear names derived from lyrics from her songs. The new “Angel,” for example, is a butterfly cat eye in variated tortoiseshell with a rich sparkled second layer acetate, accented on the frame rim and top brow, that gradually thins down towards the frame bridge.

“The frame shape lifts the eyes and is flattering on the face,” notes Classique Eyewear CEO Craig Glasser, adding, “The multicolored tortoise offers a rich and vibrant look that suits a variety of skin tones.”

Two other new Loeb Eyewear styles were also on hand: “Hold Me” and “Moon Star.”

“I love these styles because they will look rich on different skin tones,” says Loeb, echoing Glasser. “They also have such a great lift, which is so flattering for most faces. It’s the key element to my style!”

Of her disappointing absence from Vision Expo, Loeb says, “I was so upset that I wasn’t able to make it. I had my bags packed and was so looking forward to sharing the new styles, and more established styles, too, with the attendees. It’s always fun to catch up with doctors, designers, and other folks interested in eyewear.”

The eyewear industry’s loss, however, was the pharmaceutical’s gain.

“By the end of the day before I was to fly to the East Coast, my little tickle in my throat had turned into a full-blown cough and fever,” Loeb explains. “I helped to keep the pharmacy in business, but I didn’t get to attend. Luckily, the larger-than-life-sized poster of me with my Grammy was there, even though I wasn’t.”

Lisa Loeb's "Dance With the Angels"



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