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JM Lifestyles brings versatile WoodForm Concrete table to ICFF

JM Lifestyles

JM Lifestyles' WoodForm Table at ICFF

JM Lifestyles showcased its WoodForm Concrete’s capability at the just-completed 2018 ICFF trade show for interior furniture, seating, carpet and flooring, lighting, outdoor furniture, materials, wall coverings, accessories, textiles, kitchen and bath, and fabricators.

Centerpiece of the Randolph, N.J.-based concrete design/fabrication firm’s display at New York’s Javits Center was the WoodForm table. A massive piece, the table boasts a deep dug-out “hospitality sink” designed for multiple uses, such as filling the sink with ice and embedding bowls of cold food in it for raw bar, hors deuvers or wine and crackers. Other applications might involve filling it with water for floating candles or waterfall effects, housing a fire element—which wasn’t done at ICFF—or turning it into a planter, which was.

Indeed, company rep Jeff Kudrick likened the sink-like hole to a “vessel”—one able to serve a variety of functions including those noted above.

JM Lifestyles’ WoodForm Concrete was created as a cost-effective concrete composite with the look and feel of wood but without the worry of maintaining—and sustaining—wood, in an industry that continues to heavily use wood as its supply declines. Also, wood, as a construction material, lacks the durability needed for many projects—like the ones exhibited in JM Lifestyles’ ICFF booth.

JM Lifestyles' WoodForm



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