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Palmpress brings joy of good coffee to NY NOW


Jessica Do Tully at NY NOW

Jessica Do Tully wanted to share her joy of making good coffee, so she created Palmpress, a personal coffee press for hand-brewing quality coffee, which she exhibited this week at the summer NY NOW home/lifestyle/gift market trade show at New York’s Javits Center.

“I make coffee every day--and look forward to my coffee break!” Tully said at her Palmpress booth. “Not to say anything bad about the pod machines people have at home, but there’s higher quality out there--and the quality gap interested me: I wanted to fill it by creating an approachable hand-brewer, which would be more fun to use than a machine.”

Tully also wanted something that was reusable while keeping the coffee from contact with plastic, and as she knew people in product development, she was able to realize her vision. The result is a one-cup coffee press that is small and simple, that unscrews and separates into a stainless steel filter cup and a pop-up silicon brewing cup.

After adding boiling water and steeping the chosen medium-grind coffee in the brewing cup (brew time and coffee-to-water ratio determined by one’s coffee strength preference), the cup is attached to the filter cup and placed atop a coffee mug. The coffee is then pressed through the filter cup and into the mug.

“I wanted to use more inert materials and avoid the possibility of plastic leaching chemicals into the coffee,” said Tully, who began marketing the Palmpress in January. Her “joy of coffee,” she added, can now be shared at home, in the office, and while traveling or camping.



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