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Paper lunch bags take on new look at NY NOW via washed paper


SoYoung's new line of Lunch Poches at NY NOW

Paper bags have always been the simplest way to pack school, office or picnic lunch, though hardly the longest lasting. With that in mind, Canadian company SoYoung’s new Lunch Poches collection, as evidenced this week at the summer NY NOW home/lifestyle/gift market trade show at New York’s Javits Center, relies on environmentally-minded materials--including durable washable paper.

“We started with linen kids product [including lunch boxes, cooler bags and backpacks, and featuring cool artwork like dinosaurs and bunnies], but didn’t think there would me much adult demand for stylish functional bags,” said SoYoung’s John MacLeod. “Then we updated our adult linen product [including large cooler bags, water bottle bags and diaper bags] with eco-inspired textiles--linen and washable paper. We’ve redesigned new product in paper.”

An entirely paper product, washable paper has a leather-like look and feel--and similar manufacturing process--and is lightweight, long-lasting, sustainable, and of course, washable. It maintains its composition while being malleable and flexible for shaping according to consumer taste.

SoYoung’s washable paper Lunch Poches are also fully insulated and contain removable inserts for separating food items, as well as reinforced gripping to handle an adjustable shoulder strap. Meanwhile, Los Angeles-based Urbana Sacs also exhibited its various carry-all organizers, totes and backpacks--all ethically and sustainably handcrafted (its virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled felt is manufactured through cultivation rather than deforestation) from washable paper--at NY NOW, as did Tuscany manufacturer Uashmama, its washable paper goods on display including the new waterproof and lightweight Chiara Bag backpack.

Urbana Sacs

Urbana Sacs booth at NY NOW



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