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Hamico brings ergonomically designed designer baby toothbrushes to NY NOW


Hamico's display at NY NOW

Japanese toothbrush manufacturer Hamico introduced its baby toothbrush, Baby Hamico, to the U.S. market at last week’s summer NY NOW home/lifestyle/gift market trade show at New York’s Javits Center.

The brush features a small-sized head and short bristles to fit comfortably in the baby’s mouth while easily reaching gums and teeth. The bristles themselves are soft, rounded and gentle, and the handle, which resembles a teething ring, is easy to hold as well as wide in order to prevent painful overreach.

“Babies hate brushing because it hurts,” said Hamico’s Rie Tamura. “The wide handle is bigger than the baby’s mouth so it can’t go in too far--and it also fits in the hand nicely.”

Baby Hamico also employs the advance printing process, adopted by company founder and veteran Japanese dentist Kiyoshi Kanemoto, that is used in the adult Hamico brush and allows contemporary designs to be printed and embedded in the toothbrush handles. Baby Hamico designs include airplanes, teddy bears, sports balls and fun ocean fish and animals like dolphins.

As for the adult brushes, the thin and compact heads utilize a “triple-bristle” set-up whereby longer “pointy” bristles alternate with shorter rounded bristles for both surface and deep, floss-like cleaning; the bristles are also “twisted” and have a textured surface for scouring away plaque.

Additionally, the more traditional ergonomic adult toothbrush handles feature colorful embedded patterns designed by New York-based artists.



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