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Gift Republic expands its gift tins line at NY NOW

Gift Republic

Gift Republic's "Adopt It" gift tins line at NY NOW

English gift supplier Gift Republic showed additions to the Adopt It segment of its novelty gift tins line at the summer NY NOW home/lifestyle/gift market trade show at New York’s Javits Center.

The company’s Adopt a Sloth and Adopt a Llama “gift pack” entries join others including Elephant and Orca Adopt It tins.

Using the Adopt a Shark tin as an example, the recipient (in association with the British-owned Sea Life Centres chain of commercial sea life-themed attractions and sanctuaries) “adopts” a Blacktip Reef Shark for a year, thereby assisting in Sea Life’s marine conservation efforts while learning about sharks. The adopter receives a welcome letter and explanation of the gift, a Sharks’ Story booklet, a Sharks of the World leaflet and souvenir poster, a Sea Life Conservation leaflet, a personalized “supporter certificate,” a shark photograph and a free ticket to any Sea Life center.

Addfitionally, for every person that registers their gift, Gift Republic donates approximately 10% of its retail price directly to Sea Life.

Similarly, Adopt a Sloth buyers generate donations to The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo), a registered charity dedicated to saving sloths in the world through research and conservation initiatives. Adopt a Llama engenders contributions to Southeastern Llama Rescue (SELR), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lot of llamas.

Also new at Gift Republic in its Personalize It gift tins line is Become a Knight or Dame, which bestows upon the recipient the power to make friends and family members knights or dames of the English village of Alconbury; an Adopt a Spitfire British World War II fighter plane; and Adopt a Vine--at England’s respected Chiltern Valley winery.



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