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Bedol What's Next presents the next entries in timepieces with Water Clocks

Mark Bedol and his Water Clocks at NSS

Sunlight has long been used to power clocks and watches, but at last week’s National Stationery Show (NSS) at the Javits Center, Bedol What’s Next introduced its line of water-powered timepieces.

“They don’t need batteries or an external power source,” said the home/office/travel accessories product supplier’s president Mark Bedol. “You just add water, and when the ions in the water hit the proprietary metal plates inside, they create the electrical current that powers the clock or watch.”

The Bedol Water Clock runs on tap water, requiring a water “refresh” every 8-12 weeks to maintain accuracy. It’s available in several configurations, including an Alarm Bedol Water Clock.

The new Bedol Water Watch runs on the same principle, but with its smaller water tank needs refreshing every 4-6 weeks. It also has the means for allowing water vapor to escape, which isn’t necessary with the larger clocks.

And, notes Bedol, “It’s eco-friendly!”



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