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  • Writer's pictureJim Bessman

Not a toy, but Little Snowie ice shaver stirs interest at Toy Fair


The Little Snowie in action at Toy Fair

Whatever you do don’t call it a snow cone.

Indeed, Gordon Rupp, co-owner of the Salt Lake City-based Snowie Shaved Ice manufacturer of ice shavers and all other products related to the shaved ice industry (concession stands and tents, food trucks and tricycles, flavors and sophisticated flavor dispensing equipment) contended that “snowcone is a swear word in the shaved ice world!”

Rupp said this at last month’s Toy Fair trade show at New York’s Javits Center, where he showed the new Little Snowie 2 home ice shaver, redesigned and at $200, priced for home, office, poolside and other destinations.

“We took the technology from our big commercial shavers to make one that people can have at home—using ice cubes right from the freezer,” said Rupp, stressing that while Little Snowie 2 is not a toy, it is a “kid-friendly appliance” that is safely turned on and off by pressing down on its lid. Adding to the kid-friendliness are the 90 flavors ranging from “simple Cherry to Zombie Virus,” the latter identical to blueberry lime.

“We also have Zombie Antivirus, but I can’t say the ingredients!” said Rupp.

It was Snowie’s first appearance at Toy Fair, as the company usually attends houseware trade shows.

“Urban Outfitter came by and spent half-an-hour,” said Rupp. “They thought it might be fun to have on their ‘unique gifts’ wall in the summer.”

And asked to distinguish between “shaved ice” and the frowned-upon “snow cone,” he explained: “Shaved ice comes from shaving off a fine layer of ice. The thinner the layer, the softer it becomes. But if it becomes slushy like a slurpee, you can suck it through a straw, whereas shaved ice needs a spoon or spoon straw.”

And “the last bite of a shaved ice treat should be the same as the first!” Rupp emphasized.

“The best part is the brain freeze!” he said.

And what should you call it?

“We like, ‘snowie ice’!” instructed Rupp.



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