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Transylvania takes a bite out of ICFF

Transylvanian "Black Spider Table" at ICFF

Romanian residential and commercial custom-made furniture and signage manufacturer Graphtec brought a few eyecatching items from its new Real Transylvania Collection to the annual ICFF high-end luxury ICFF furniture fair this week at New York’s Javits Center.

“It’s all about marketing,” said Graphtec executive director Stelica Bei, stating the obvious while pointing to the nifty Black Spider Table--a wooden disc with a laser-engraved, bleeding Transylvania logo in caps below folk motifs and a quaint but ominous village skyline, supported underneath by four metal spider-shaped legs.

Standing near the table was the Floor Light Bite Lamp, all black metal except for the shining fang-shaped cutouts. Dracula’s Kitchen Table likewise showed fang bites cut out of the black metal base, while featuring a laser-engraved wooden tabletop, similar to the smaller Black Spider Table, but showing a profile of Dracula’s Castle along with the folk motifs and Transylvania logo.

Other items pictured in the Real Transylvania Collection catalog include a Coffin Cabinet, Big Bad Bat Multicolor Wall Light, Dracula’s Coffee Table, Horror Mirror, Count’s Coffin Locker, Bats Entrance Arcade, Dracula’s Lounge Furniture, Drac Wood Rack, Spider Web Stool, Multi-Bat Wall Light, Dracula’s Teeth Table, Horror Tale Lantern, Bloody Spider Table, and Halloween Face Outdoor Lamp.

“If you want the original Christmas products you buy stuff made in Finland, the home of Santa,” reads the Real Transylvania Collection promotional circular. “Why not buy original decorations for Halloween from Romania instead of China or any other country?”

Correctly noted Bei: “All people know of Transylvania!”

But lest anyone think that Graphtec’s new product line is limited to a horrific Western Romanian regional theme, he then nodded to a couple new peacock-design pieces.

“We love peacocks!” said Bei, though he conceded that the bird is nowhere near as representative of the country as the bat--not to mention fangs.



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