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KHS America introduces Luminote line at Toy Fair for kids of all ages

KHS America

Tim Henry models Luminote product at Toy Fair

KHS America, the U.S. distributor of the venerable Hohner music instrument line among other music product entities, annually showcases its Green Tones kids instruments at Toy Fair. This week it brought along its new Luminote set of instruments for kids, which are geared to the upper elementary/middle school student, but according to marketing manager Dawn Niven can also graduate with them to professional use.

The Luminote line comprises durable tambourine, shaker, maracas, egg shakers, guiro (notched Latin American percussion instrument), agogo (West African double bell) and vibra shaker (vibrating ball and resonating chamber), all available singly in rich solid colors. There’s also a Luminote Stage Pack “percussion performance set” containing six of the instruments specifically for use at home, in the classroom or on stage.

KHS America’s children’s music brand manager Tim Henry cited the Luminotes’ “modern design” and noted that it was a “step up in size and sound quality” for the company’s children’s music instrument product.

“It’s colorful and fun,” added Henry, “but it’s serious, too.”

And with that he picked up a blue vibra shaker and did a serious job of slapping the rhythmic rattle at the beginning of Ozzy Osbourne’s classic hit “Crazy Train” against his thigh—perhaps enacting the Luminote sales slogan, “Sparking musical discovery.”

And speaking of Ozzy Osbourne, Hohner some years ago issued an Ozzy Osbourne signature harmonica, appropriately encased in a coffin-shaped metal box. Henry related that the company now has a new entry in its Signature Series harmonica line—the Sonny Terry Heritage Edition. Following previous Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Billy Joel signature harmonicas, the Terry model is based on the Original Marine Band harp played by the legendary bluesman and features stainless steel cover plates embossed with a Sonny Terry design. It also comes with a replica of the rubber stamp that the blind musician used for his signature.



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