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Love Bubby brings 'Love & Kindness' to NY NOW

Love Bubby's Love & Kindness collection

As ever, vendors at New York’s biannual NY NOW specialty marketing trade show--which took place last week digitally due to the pandemic—exhibited their latest wares to prospective buyers.

But it’s likely that no product came down as close to the wire as Love Bubby’s new Love & Kindness collection of “statement” t-shirts for toddlers.

“We just launched them last week!” said Love Bubby owner/designer Jaime Windau of the new collection, which features tees emblazoned with messages like “More Kindness Please,” “Love Generation,” “Love Them Kind” and” “Save My World.”

“Love and kindness needs to be at the forefront of everything we do with our kids right now as we raise the next generation,” explained Windau. “If we can instill these things in our kids now, hopefully our world will be a better place.”

The new shirts fit in well with the gender-neutral Brooklyn-based baby culture brand’s slogan “You are never too young to make a statement.” Hence, Love Bubby youngsters already sport t-shirts proclaiming “Little Feminist,” “Little Activist,” “Speaker of the House” and “Vote for Me”--though there are also less empowering pronouncements, such as “Mama is My Queen” and “Will Smile for Candy.”

Of the new Love & Kindness shirts, Windau singled out the “Save My World” tee: “It was specifically designed with the intent that with everything going on in the world right now--climate change, divisiveness in our country, and so on—it’s up to the adults to step up and make a difference for our children’s future.”

Also at NY NOW, Windau showed Love Bubby’s new My Firsts Collection for babies. The line features baby tees with messages like “My First President,” “My First Madam Veep,” and “My First Protest.”

“These are a nod to our change in the White House, and have been selling very well,” said Windau. “They launched three weeks ago, and we’ve gotten so many requests for ‘My First Madam Veep’ in toddler sizes that we’re now launching those as well.”




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